"The Main Edition" - the largest and most diverse annual conference in pediatrics held in Israel

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We are happy to meet and see such a big forum after two years of silence, where we saw each other mainly on computer and phone screens. We are in a world that has changed, the plague affected the whole world, every person, adult and child, and of course, the main mark was left on the health system, on the entire world of medicine. There is no field or profession in medicine that has not been affected or changed. We introduced new diseases, 19 covid affected the healthy as well as patients with known diseases, we changed work habits and assessments
in all medical settings.
An entire session, and 4 more lectures in other sessions, were dedicated to covid 19 infection in children, its complications, its prevention and its effect on children with underlying diseases.
We saw and felt this year with the opening of the closures a very interesting phenomenon - a noticeable increase in infectious morbidity, with pathogens unusual for the season. We will devote a session to vaccines. Expert committees on behalf of the Association for Pediatrics establish clinical guidelines and position papers. Presenting guidelines at union conferences have become our tradition. This year we will renew a position paper on behalf of the union on a subject whose importance has increased in recent years - children's exposure to cannabis, its clinical signs and therapeutic approach. We will also talk about new guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics - AAP that were recently published for clarification
Fever in a newborn.
We will continue with breakthroughs in pediatrics - innovative treatments for cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, obesity and more. Other hot topics that will be discussed at the conference will be in important areas such as pediatric surgery, otolaryngology. The digital world expanded and accelerated in the era of Corona, we quickly immersed ourselves in it and began treating children through screens and on the phone - some of us without any prior preparation - we would learn about the progress updates of the remote pediatrics work group. We will be happy to bring you an enrichment lecture by Noam Menela from other worlds: Water Be - Consciousness, Chaos and Order
A new way of thinking in an era of constant revolution.

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