Participation in the 2020 study

Dear parents, you are invited to take part in research that will help us continue to develop and develop the scope of our work.

This study is on behalf of the Lehab Association for Premature Babies in Israel and the Child Development Institute, Sheba Medical Center. The purpose of this study is to understand the health and financial needs of families for babies and children born prematurely (before 37 weeks in the womb), premature, in order to improve the service for these children throughout the country. All information will remain confidential, will be used solely for research purposes and will not reach the attending physicians or the health insurance fund. Also, your participation is voluntary and you may refuse to answer certain questions, or stop the questionnaire in the middle. Will you agree to participate in the study (The survey is intended for all genders and all types of families).

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Thank you for your participation,

Lehab Association for Premature Infants in Israel

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