Personal column - by Liat Dubinsky

My little prince…
4 years we waited for you and expected you,
4 years of prayers and requests until the long-awaited pregnancy arrived and more naturally.
What joy we had, a real miracle who would have believed!!!

The pregnancy from the beginning was not easy and with a lot of bleeding and running to the doctors and in the background the saying "threatening abortion" was always heard, which always accompanied me and with it the fears. And so a day and another day, a week and another week, a month and another month passed for him, until I reached the 24+5 week, and then due to bleeding and difficulties in the stomach I went to the doctor who said under pressure: "You have an opening of 3 and a half and effacement. Don't move and go to the hospital immediately."

The fear was terrible and so great that you pulled out your whole body. We arrived at the hospital and they immediately put me in the delivery room in an attempt to stop the labor with magnesium, Otosivan and of course Celstone and what not... I don't know if I didn't break a record for the longest time in the delivery room (over a week in total), when women come and go and I'm still there. The labor did stop and I became pregnant at the risk of hospitalization during which I went down and went up to the delivery room several more times and stayed there for whole days in a row, when I already know all the amazing nurses. After two and a half weeks that I managed to hold you my little prince, against all odds, you were born at week 27, exactly as a gift for the Rosh Hashanah holiday in emergency surgery under full anesthesia, weighing only one kilo.. just like a pack of incredibly sweet sugar. We went through a difficult period of about two and a half months in pregnancy, during which there were many ups and downs, many tears were shed there and the fear of losing you my dear child was in the air all the time. After the discharge from the premature birth, the very next day, we returned to the hospital for intensive care and so it was once again about 4 months in total we spent with you in hospitals it became our real home. My child, you are a real hero. I couldn't ask for more.. a huge gift the Creator of the world sent me in honor of Rosh Hashanah and in honor of my birthday.. a healthy and strong child as if he had not been born prematurely!

You were born on 16.9.12, 20 Elul, exactly when one year ended and a new year began. Needless to say, we spent all the Tishri holidays last year in Peyia and even Hanukkah, which was actually supposed to be your original date of birth, in the hospital. Without any doubt we were destined for a good and sweet year, because today, a year later, I can hug and kiss you my prince, which is not obvious to me, remember everything we have been through and thank the Creator of the world for our private miracle, because as we know, the Tishrei holidays are the time for repentance and prayer, Something that without a doubt we did not stop doing at that time, and our judgment day, God willing, has passed. We and our child won the judgment day, we won the trial... we were sentenced to life!!! So all I have left is to ask and wish you, my prince, that all the years of your life will be happy and most importantly healthy!!! Amen! And here the Tishrei holidays are upon us again and the next Rosh Hashanah we should do at home without whistles but with songs and chants, without fasts but with many wonderful and delicious foods and most importantly together with the whole family. Not like last year you were missing but on Y-H-D with you our beloved!!!!!!!

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