The story of Elial's birth

By Harel's mistake.

At 28 weeks, the doctor noticed that there was a slowdown in growth,
At week 30 I was sent to the emergency room and hospitalized.
After a quiet monitor I was sent to the delivery room for the night, where she kindly agreed to give a few kicks and I was returned to the ward.
About two or three days later, it's quiet again. This time I didn't go back.. at 8:25 in the morning Ileil was born by caesarean section, 1200 grams, breathing on her own, I saw her for a second when I raised my head and heard a chirping cry. Immediately after that, she passed into the arms of Dr. Alon Hacham, whom I would get to know well in the next two months.
For my part, I went to recovery, 12 hours of a nightmare. I forced myself to get up to see her.
The beginning was great. She breathed, ate, began to gain weight. Then trouble started.
Ductus that did not close after two rounds of ibuprofen and finally, surgery at the age of 16 days. smooth past It was looking great until... suddenly all the blood pressure devices failed to measure her blood pressure. Alia is crazy. 130/80 for those who understand. Blood pressure of an adult on a 1300 g girl.
One kidney is not functioning. I will not forget the day I arrived in Pagya, and was not allowed to enter. I take a peek... everyone is on her incubator. All the seniors. from all departments. Hysterical pressure. I switched to automatic. Just don't feel. I will collapse if I feel anything.
Very critical situation. decide to anesthetize. The girl suffered a collapse of the heart, the soul, and about everything possible. For several days I did not know what would happen. The senior doctor called her with typical sensitivity "the sickest girl in the ward". Connected and fat from all the fluids, I told Dr. Alon with black humor that at least I know what she will look like when she gets fat. managed to get the soul out. and brought her back. A week of continuous nightmare. I was emotionally disconnected from myself. Completely.
Then, they removed the ventilator and she breathed on her own. And suddenly everything calmed down. And one day she unexpectedly moved to the crib. Then to the other room. And they have already started talking about liberation.
The day before discharge, the doctor told me that she was not rising fast enough. And the release will be delayed. Here I broke down. how much i cried Like I haven't cried in two months. What is 175 grams already? is nothing! And that's why she won't come home? Will not arise and will not be.
She was released weighing 1825 grams. Corrected age minus two days..
I'm writing this and can't believe, again, how much I've gone through in two months. To this day I don't like roller coasters.
This experience brought me in directions I hadn't thought of, to a new connection to myself.
I have a daughter who in two months has had life experiences that are enough for her to be 100 years old. Fighting to this day on several fronts and winning them all.
A happy and happy girl, very active, some would say frenetic, going up to first grade next year.
girl of love
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