The refrigerator project of the LHB association

About the cooler project

The refrigerator project of the LAB association is the first meeting point for the parents of premature babies with the association.

The coolers are distributed to the new parents of preemies as a birth gift with a double meaning: the cooler helps with the complicated logistics in the transitions between the home and the preemies, and allows the mother's milk to be transported safely to the soft prematures, and above all a warm hug that says: "We are here for you."

לכל תינוק בריא לאכול חלב אם, אבל אצל פג, שלא הספיק לקבל נוגדנים במהלך ההריון הקצר, שהמערכות שלו לא מספיק מפותחות בשביל לעכל אוכל שיוצר במעבדה – זה ממש תרופה מצילת חיים!

With the help of the coolers, the mothers of premature babies are able to provide their children with breast milk throughout the period of hospitalization

Every year about 10,000 coolers are distributed to preemies, which are funded by donations earmarked for this. Sometimes the donations are given as sponsorships of commercial companies, and sometimes with the help of crowdfunding who are identified with the goal and donate in order to continue the project.

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