"Wraped in Love" campaign to raise awareness of premature birth

The month of November is the International Month of Prematurity, and to raise awareness of premature births, I received a tiny package at home containing a real pizza diaper for premature babies produced by the Pampers company.

I knew how tiny preemies were, but I had no idea their diaper was smaller than an adult's palm, it's crazy!

The Pampers brand, Super-Pharm and the Association for Premature Infants (LAH) have joined forces to donate about a quarter of a million diapers to premature babies. The campaign "Wrapped in Love" aims to increase awareness of premature births (1 out of every 10 babies) and to ensure that premature babies in Israel have access to Pampers' unique diaper that supports better sleep, protects their skin and dies to their tiny size (the smallest diaper comes in a tiny size of only 8 cm, smaller than the palm of our hand).
Also, the diaper brand Pampers and Super-Pharm are donating 120,000 NIS to the National Breast Milk Bank sold by MDA and 40,000 NIS to the Lehab Association.

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