Roni and Lavi Yeshuron

When Roni and Lavi were born, we were neither happy nor excited.
Roni and our baby were born at week 27, weighing 895 and 965 g, and all we felt then was immense anxiety and sadness.
After the birth, the doctors prepared us for the fact that Roni would not survive the next 24 hours.
A month after the birth, the doctors told us that Levi would be very hurt.
We went through a difficult pregnancy with many ups and downs, and after four months we arrived home.
Roni and Lavi survived in a big way.
They taught us to win, dream and love life. Hope, pray and believe.
They taught us what courage and will power is, and what determination is.

Roni and our baby are 3 years old today. Happy and healthy children. Our miracle children.

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