Ronnie Karniel

Roni was born on the last day of week 24. Weighing 700 grams, we gave her a 50% chance to survive. And this little warrior survived like a big one.
Her twin brother Or, the late one, who was born weighing 750 grams did not survive and after a very difficult week passed away to our great regret.
We were with Roni in Fegia for three and a half months.
The stay in Fegia is shocking and difficult, especially at the beginning, when Roni literally fought for her life every day. Pegia becomes a home away from home, with an illusionary routine of tension, fatigue and stress, along with the small joys with each extra gram of weight and steps towards liberation.
Today Roni is almost five years old, still a little-big warrior. A smart and opinionated girl, stubborn and very funny.
A perfect miracle girl.

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