In honor of prematurity week

In honor of prematurity week, I am also sending you the story of my life, a story about a prematurity and a great miracle.
The month of awareness of premature babies... so yes we also became parents of a premature baby a year ago.
This was our second pregnancy, the first pregnancy went smoothly until week 40 and even then, and until before the child was born, we did not know and didn't know the term premature.
who are they? What week are they born? what are they going through What are the consequences for premature birth?
No one prepares you for this and it can fall on you on a bright and beautiful day and without any warning.
28.10.17 Week 23 The review of the sensory systems was normal, the test and the home.
The doctor checks the fetus and everything is normal and perfect reaches the cervix and sees an opening of 3 Sorry but you have to go to the hospital urgently you have an opening and the situation does not look good.
A lot of panic - you get to the emergency room, undergo tests, doctors, again tests jump another doctor and another doctor, worries, lots of crying.
A doctor arrives and announces hospitalization and pregnancy care in the hospital, the situation does not look good - they are hospitalized.
Cry, sleepless night.
Morning comes: doctors visit, tests start again, monitor, ultrasound.
Then they inform you: sorry but the pregnancy will not last, there is a fear of a major infection and the baby and you are in danger and if you give birth now at such a young week the fetus will not live, decide what you want to do?!?!
The world is against you - a bad dream - only unfortunately this is not a dream it is reality.
Doctors, psychologists, consultations with doctors from abroad, rabbis and everyone comes to the decision that it is necessary to have a birth... a quiet birth.
I am? - I don't accept it, I know that I will go into great anxiety, I know that if I see the baby and hear him cry and hear his last breaths, I will simply go into depression, I have a child at home, what do I do?
Not a good mental state. The professor arrives and tries to help and say that if I want it is possible to do the euthanasia before the birth so that the baby does not suffer that it comes out.
Moving again into decision mode, what do we do? They consult and again decide that it might be an option so that I and the baby mostly don't suffer.
They come to the committee at the hospital and sit down and inform us that for some reason the committee did not approve the injection and they are sorry but you have to give birth normally, which means I will have to hear and see.
Not an easy day of crying, heart paralyzed and bleeding from pain.
Enter the delivery room.
The doctor: After we give you a 20-minute induction and the child is out, you're still with an opening of 3, let's start-
Ephedyrol, induction, 20 minutes pass, doctors come in and leave, another induction, an hour passes, two hours, doctors come in and leave, another induction, 5 hours pass no change, no progress in the opening there is the opposite yes yes the opposite the opening has narrowed.
The morning has arrived: 10 doctors come in and tell you good news
"There are no words to define what happened here - except the word miracle"
The little one is a real fighter and still not ready to go out. We will take you out of the room and you will be transferred to continue the pregnancy.
We leave the delivery room and God willing with the baby in my belly alive, kicking, and breathing ready to fight with me.
Week 24- Pills, injections, lying down completely, peeing in the shower and on the bed, homesickness for my eldest child, worries, lots of worries that this could happen at any moment.
Week 25 - Pills, injections, doctors, monitor, ultrasound, not moving, psychologists, doctors from prematurity to preparation for a premature birth - P. H. D.
Week 26- a little more optimistic, the chances of giving birth to the warrior this week are a little better.
Week 27- Raises a smile, the little one is still fighting.
Week 28 - the date 11/30/16 The fighter gave up, he is allowed to, it's a bit uncomfortable here in the hospital, there is a lot of noise, nevertheless I held on from week 23.
Labor starts, strong contractions, doctors, injections again, medicine, monitor, the contractions are really strong.
Onward to the delivery room, a lot of panic, fear, anxiety, pain, doctors coming in and out.
Labor begins, she gives birth to the warrior at week 28, weighing one kilo. The warrior breathes on his own, I already said a real warrior!
A pediatrician arrives and runs with him to the intensive care unit for further treatment.
Stitches, pain, crying mixed with tears of joy and worry.
So, after a month and a half of hospitalization in the hospital, I am released to go home without the fighter, he is fine and continues to prove that he is quite a fighter.
A little strange, a little sad, but the path we've gone through in this month and a half, nothing will break me and the warrior Bar Yohai is simply a great miracle, apparently neither we nor the doctors decide in this world.
We spent 72 days in Fegia, there were happy days, there were days a little less:
A lot of beeps, a drop in heart rate, concepts you've never heard of and you're just learning, becoming an expert, a lot of kangaroos, situration, pumping, his weight gain which turns into fun, jumping classes lol yes yes these premature babies jump classes they say they're the smartest??? ?
These premature babies are real fighters, they teach you the meaning of life, put you into other proportions.
Suddenly the big becomes small.
And the small becomes big.
Today's bar is one year old chronologically and corrected for nine months, a lovely boy, progressing nicely, a little nervous lol but a real smiler a real fighter!
He is a gift - "a small gift that comes in a big package"
Thank you to the Emek Afula Hospital for the mother and baby department for an amazing attitude like no other
Thank you for the pregnancy at the Emek Hospital, Afula, pregnancy number 1.
Sending you kisses soon we will arrive with a bar to celebrate a year.

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