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Parents of premature babies, you are not alone

We have compiled for you here personal stories of parents of premature babies who chose to share their story with us. 

Guy Dorfman

Guy Michael Dorfman was born at week 29 due to complete placental abruption on 08/01/09. He underwent severe diagnoses such as "cerebral palsy", "mental retardation" and more...

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Otani spring

Nine years ago, a spring burst into the air of the world into a mixture of uncertainty and fear of its ability to survive. Maayan was born, in emergency surgery,

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The story of Elial's birth

By Sagit Harel. At 28 weeks, the doctor noticed that there was a slowdown in growth, at 30 weeks I was sent to the emergency room and hospitalized. After a silent monitor I was dispatched

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Leah Shavari

You were born at week 29+3, 768 grams. On the last day of the Cast Lead War. During the war, the soldiers fought against us, and we - against you! the doctors

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Ronnie Karniel

Roni was born on the last day of week 24. Weighing 700 grams, we gave her a 50% chance to survive. And this little warrior survived

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Hebrew colleague

Amit, our first child, a single remnant from a third pregnancy, was born at week 27+3 weighing 958 grams and was premature for 3 months. Pregnancy is very complicated

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State blade

Lahav, born on September 28, 2003 at week 33+6 (vacuum birth due to low heart rate) after a long pregnancy and combined drug treatment. It was night

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