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Awareness Month and International Prematurity Day 2020

International Prematurity Day and Awareness Month 2020 International Prematurity Day and Prematurity Awareness Month 2020, which were marked this year with the sign of Corona, required us to make adjustments in our activities according to the state of morbidity in the country. The Knesset's lapse day: The 2020 Knesset lapse day was led by MK Michal Shir. On this year's lapse day, a discussion was held

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International Prematurity Day 2020

International Prematurity Day 2020 Romi Shouri, CEO of the Lahav Association for Prematurity in Israel - today is International Prematurity Day, the plight of prematurity has increased due to the corona virus, the plight of the parents, the staff, more than 700 newborns born to mothers infected with the corona virus, the prematurity vaccination - rsv, h Michal Shir enlisted to lead Yom Peg in the Knesset

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Due date 2020 in the Knesset

Premature babies in the shadow of the corona How will we protect our premature babies in the days of the epidemic? On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Month, the "Forum for Prematurity" publishes the report on the situation of premature infants, which this year focuses on the consequences of the corona crisis on the quality of care for premature infants in Israel and the challenges it poses to premature infants in hospitals and to parents

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Agenda: newborns and premature babies in Israel the shadow of the corona virus

Agenda for the discussion in the Knesset committees to mark Prematurity Day in Israel which will take place on the 8th of Keslo TSHPA, 24.11.2020, chaired by MK Michal Shir We decided to dedicate the prematurity day for the year TSHPA in Israel to a discussion of challenges and solutions related to dealing with the effects of the Corona On the care of newborns and premature babies in Israel. Below are the topics: Data update

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Due date 2019 in the media

Prematurity Awareness Month 2019 - A collection of IDF publications, the "The Conversation" program, an interview with Dr. Shmuel Tsangan, director of intensive care for premature babies at Barzilai Hospital in cooperation with the Lahav Association: over two-thirds of premature babies in the State of Israel are not protected, nor are they built according to the standards of The 2000s, still

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Due date 2019

Background about 10% 7%- of all babies in Israel are born prematurely (premature). This is about 14,000 babies every year*. "Premature", according to the definition of the Ministry of Health, is any baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature babies are at risk of severe morbidity and medical complications. Some do not last long and die in the hospital. the others

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The overdue day - summary of the discussion in the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee

Discussion as part of the celebration of International Prematurity Day on the agenda: Continue implementation of the Ministry of Health's model of incentives for outstanding prematurity babies, which promotes prematurity in the community at the health funds MKs present: Committee Chairman, MK Shuli Moalem Rafali, MK Orli Levy Abaksis MK Shuli Moalem Rafali: There are two main issues for today's discussion

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Due date 2018 in the media

Interview with Shoshanit on Michal Yanai's show. Michal Yanai: International Premature Birth Awareness Month - The Hebrew Association for Premature Babies. Shoshanit Bodenstein, an interior designer, her daughter was born at 24 weeks.

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Prematurity Awareness Month

International Prematurity Awareness Day "World Prematurity Awareness Day" is observed around the world on November 17, every year. This day is marked in order to raise the level of awareness among the general public about the special needs of babies born before their time (premature), to put on the government's agenda the

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