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Prematurity Day 2011 in the media

From (website) Doctors, Prematurity: The Parents Against the World Attorney Shlomit Harel-Schwartz talks about the nerve-wracking hours of prematurity, and about the difficult experience that parents who face the birth of a premature baby go through. The bitter truth from prematurity Click here to read an interview with Gabi Gazit 103fm: "Due day - why departments

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2013 Prematurity Day families event schedule

The Lehab association - for premature infants in Israel is pleased to invite you to a family event on the occasion of Prematurity Day. The event will take place on Friday, November 29, 2013 between the hours of 09:00-14:00 at the open space farm in Kfar Shmuel - the event is closed to registered participants only - below is the planned schedule for the event: 09 :00-10:00 Gathering and light refreshments 10:00-10:15 Opening words -

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Prematurity Day 2013 in the media

  1. Is a premature baby born after week 34 considered a normal baby? Premature babies who are born late, from weeks 34 to 37, are less of a concern than premature babies who are born early, but their morbidity may also have long-term consequences, a new literature review found. Click to read the article on the "Haaretz" website 2. Interview on the program "Asifat

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Prematurity Day 2013 family event

This year an overdue day event was held on 29.11.2013 between 09:00 and 14:00. The event was free but pre-registration was required because the number of places is limited. It was the second candle of Hanukkah, also known as the holiday of miracles like the miracle of our precious premature babies!!! Location: The open space horse farm The open space farm, located in the village

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Prematurity Day 2012 a special event

  "International Prematurity Awareness Day" was celebrated in 2012 at a special event at the Diada Complex, Tel Aviv Port. The event was held under the auspices of the "Forum for Premature Infants in Israel" - a representative body whose purpose is to raise awareness and promote the health and quality of life of premature infants and their families. The event took place on Tuesday 6/11 between the hours of 12:30-17:00 where a photographic exhibition was presented

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Prematurity Day 2010 in the media

1. הצעה: תוארך חופשת הלידה להורים לפגים/ מעריב – nrg, 09.11.10 הצעת החוק של ח"כ אורלי לוי -אבקסיס קובעת כי הורים שתינוקם אושפז יהיו זכאים לתשלום על תקופה זו "עשרה אחוזים מכלל התינוקות בישראל נולדים פגים", הסבירה ח"כ לוי-אבקסיס. "לא ייתכן שהמדינה לא תדאג לזכויות

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Premature Day 2010 in the Knesset

במסגרת דיון במצוקות הורים לפגים בוועדה לפניות הציבור היום ב` 8.11.2010, עלה כי קיים פער עצום בין ההשקעה של המדינה בהגברת הילודה לבין הסיוע להורים לאחר הלידה, במיוחד לידת פגים. כאמור, במקרים רבים, טיפולי פוריות מובילים ללידת פגים (בסוף הכתבה מובאים קישורים לאייטמים בתקשורת סביב

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Due date 2013 in the Knesset

About 10% of all babies in Israel - are born prematurely (premature). This is about 16,000 babies every year*. "Premature", according to the definition of the Ministry of Health, is any baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature babies are at risk of severe morbidity and medical complications. Some do not last long and die in the hospital. the others do not

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Questions and answers - before birth

The pregnancy has progressed and the birth is approaching but there is the fear of premature birth for one reason or another.... A number of questions and answers are presented herewith in order to help and give an initial answer on the subject. We would be happy to hear suggestions for additional topics that you thought were missing on the site. How can premature birth be prevented? (Show) The best way to prevent premature birth

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