Awareness month 2021 shirts

You waited so long and here it is! Don't say we didn't know, we didn't hear... Ordering the awareness month shirts is already underway!

This year the shirts are available for purchase in two forms:

1. Purchase shirts from our store on the Holo website

Choose the type of garment and your size from a large variety of options, order and pay - and the order has reached you!

2.Purchasing a file adapted for independent printing

which you can print on a shirt or on another product of your choice at the print shop closest to your home.

Lectures for parents of premature babies

After last year's great success, we organized a variety of lectures for you this year on various topics concerning our lives as parents of premature babies.

Participation in lectures is free! For links to the lectures, go toOur silent WhatsApp group.

So what awaits us this month? More details bThe Facebook page of the Hebrew Association andIn the parent group on Facebook

Returning love to the Hebrew Association

15,000 premature babies are born in Israel every year. Every achievement of the association throughout its years of activity touches in one way or another on every child and every family:

If in the cooler that you receive in Pagia, by contacting a hotline, in assisting in the exploitation of rights, in our various support groups in the various media, in Octopus in Pagia or after it, and also in indirect ways, like all the above rights... which did not exist before.

Every year the association fights for its survival.
In the absence of resources, we will not be able to continue helping all those 15,000 families that join us every year, and the association will be forced to reduce its activities significantly.
In the upcoming prematurity awareness month (November) we are returning love to the LAB association!

With the help of your donation, we will be able to establish an annual financial infrastructure for the association, and we will be able to ensure the continuation of its blessed activity for the sake of premature infants and their families.

בוט לה"ב
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