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I have a minute


Save these links as a bookmark, and use them when you want to buy on one of the following sites:
Ali Express:
Spread the following post to the whole world!
Coffee Feast! Spread with all your might! In all groups! In all WhatsApp!
Planning to buy something on Amazon or Ali Express?
Enter through this link and 3-5% will be donated to the Israel Association for Premature Infants in Israel, and it doesn't add a shekel to the price!
These links are eternal and not limited in time - save as a bookmark for when you want to order!

about the association, and for a "regular" donation -
Lehab Association for Premature Infants ⋆ Lehab | Association for Premature Infants in Israel (AR)

I have an hour

Do you have an interesting profession? Sell an hour of consultation for a donation!
You will find a worthy reward And do a raffle at the workplace/group in kindergarten/Pilates group - anything goes!
Dogwalking - Keep fit and walk the neighbor's dog for a donation!
Sell things you no longer need In groups or sales sites - old toys, clothes we haven't touched, kitchen utensils and more are a great opportunity to tidy up the house and donate in the process!
The challenge of the hour - Walk in costume in the office or at school for an hour with a donation jar! It's fun, brings donations, and raises awareness!
A sports challenge for an hour - For example, raise funds through social networks: "For every NIS 100 I will run a kilometer!" Or "For 100 NIS I will run in a butterfly costume!"

i have a day

A sporting challenge for the day - For example, register for a race and raise money through social networks: "For every 100 NIS I will run a kilometer!" Or "for 100 NIS I will run in a butterfly costume!"
Have a party! Decorate the house, and invite friends (you can ask them to bring snacks and drinks)!
Check who around is willing to donate a prize or service, and we organized a cool raffle!
Show off your Master Chef talent! Turn the house into a restaurant, invite friends and collect money for the dishes!
Show off your musical talent! Turn the house into a concert hall and sell tickets to the concert!
Show off your knowledge! Create an interesting lecture and sell tickets!
Write to our blog, and help us spread the brave stories of premature babies and their parents to the world

I have a week

Planning a diet? to stop smoking? Spread on social networks and raise a donation for every day you succeed!
Sold tickets for the challenge, such as "Guess how many candies are in the jar!", promoted it for a week on social networks and organized an equal prize for the winner!

Holidays and celebrations

Birth, wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday, holidays and more? New Year? Holidays and celebrations are a perfect opportunity to donate and donate
Holidays and joys: What do you buy for someone who has everything? A donation instead of a gift! What could be more meaningful than a gift for babies who started their lives prematurely or sick? or – Add to your order a link to donate to LHB - and we will send you a special certificate thanking the bride and groom for the awareness they raised and the amount they managed to raise!
Parents of premature babies: For you, we have established the "Pala Foundation - Premature Helping Premature Children" - which donates to Israel on behalf of your children throughout their lives!
Take advantage of birthdays and joys to raise every year, and watch the fund you established over time accumulate more and more help and contributions to babies, children and parents who are passing through who share the experience of birth and delivery, just like you (for example: the miracle fund of Yonatan Shanker - has existed for 5 years and 3 months, and so far Donation: 9466 NIS).

Donation to memory

Donation on behalf of loved ones who have passed away Here is a tribute that not only honors and celebrates their lives, it also helps those who started their lives - to survive and overcome
Add the LHV in the will: Secure your memory and legacy while promoting noble causes that are important to you.

Contribution of companies and businesses

Contribute to the project - Choose a project that corresponds with your brand - Win win!
Add us to your rental receipt 
We organized a day of lectures and charge a nominal amount for participation

I want to donate by direct debit

Important information for parents

our projects

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