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Octopuses for premature babies Israel

The project "Octopus for Premature Babies in Israel" is operated entirely by volunteers, with the support of the Lehab Association - for Premature Babies in Israel. We collect octopuses knitted by volunteers all over the country. The octopuses are sorted, washed and packaged to meet strict safety standards, and delivered to preemies The difference, with the goal that no baby is alone in the incubator.

how it all began?

In 2013, the first octopus was created in Denmark. Father Lefga designed the first octopus doll for his daughter who was born earlier than expected, with the aim of creating an experience as similar as possible to the womb.
The octopus arms feel like the mother's umbilical cord, comforting the baby and reducing the risk of the tiny premature baby pulling on the medical tubes attached to it, causing serious problems. Reports around the world indicate that the presence of the octopuses in the incubator improves the breathing and heart rate of the babies, and it has been found to promote the parents' involvement in the care of the premature baby. Since then, the project has expanded to many countries in the world, including Israel, and thousands of octopuses are knitted voluntarily every year.

The octopuses are distributed as a gift to premature infants and their parents who are premature infants

Ask the nursing staff about the octopuses!

Didn't you get an octopus in Pagya? You can order one to your home, with shipping fees covered!

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