LAH - the association for premature infants in Israel

The LAHB association was founded to support, help and embrace parents of premature babies, as well as to provide up-to-date information on all issues relevant to the parents of premature babies. The LAHB association is the only association that deals with the issue of miscarriages and its consequences and it operates nationwide. The association was established by parents of premature infants for the purpose of promoting and improving the condition of premature infants in Israel, supporting families, improving the conditions of premature infants in Israel and for increasing awareness of the consequences of premature infants. The association is non-profit, based on volunteerism, therefore every donation of any amount is critical for us.

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Premature babies in Israel in numbers

% 1
One in ten babies is born premature
Premature babies are born in Israel every year
Premature mothers are active throughout the country

גלופות חודש המודעות 2023

On the occasion of the awareness month, and as part of creating the community and the sense of belonging to the association, we launched a campaign of printing shirts for premature young adults and adults and their families.

כאן ניתן לרכוש קובץ להדפסה שאותו ניתן להדפיס בכל חנות פוטו על חולצה או על כל מוצר אחר לבחירתכם. על מנת שתקבל את איכות ההדפסה הטובה ביותר, אנו ממליצים להדפיס את הגרפיקה על חולצת דרייפיט לבנה בטכנולוגית סובלימציה.

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