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The LHB Association - Opening a Day, Channel 13, 21.11.21

The consequences of miscarriage accompany many families over the years, premature babies and families have special needs and we are there to help them. Listen to the conversation with Rumi Shouri, CEO of the association and Ravita Dagan, clinical dietitian and director of medical marketing and scientific content in Materna on the program Fathim Yom on Channel 13.

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"Wraped in Love" campaign to raise awareness of premature birth

The month of November is the International Month of Prematurity, and to raise awareness of premature births, I received a tiny package at home containing a real pizza diaper for premature babies produced by the Pampers company. I knew how tiny premature babies were, but I had no idea that their diaper was smaller than a palm.

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Ahead of their time: 8 premature babies who changed the world

Throughout the years of human history, there have been quite a few inspiring figures who greatly influenced the world and life in it - but not many know that some of them were born before the estimated date of birth, that is - premature. For Prematurity Awareness Month, we've gathered some famous premature babies who have no idea what their lives are like

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I gave birth to a baby girl weighing 768 grams. That's how we survived it

This story is not easy to read, and it includes a very scary pregnancy, emergency C-sections, the birth of a little girl, 110 days in a nursing home and years of rehabilitation. But this is also the most optimistic story you will read today at the age of 28 my earth shook and my life changed from end to end. The pregnancy that started as a dream come true, ended in a dramatic birth

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