The LAH Association - For Premature Infants in Israel (AR) is a nationwide association established by parents of premature infants, with the aim of promoting and improving the condition of premature infants and their families and the condition of premature infants in Israel, and to work towards reducing the number of premature infants born each year and increasing awareness of the dangers of miscarriages.

The association works to promote the following areas:

increasing awareness

Activity to promote media and institutional exposure to the topic of premature babies, including the production of Prematurity Day events, as well as increasing public awareness of the problems of miscarriages and the plight of premature babies.

Promotion of legislation

The association works to promote legislation related to the rights and well-being of premature babies: social rights vis-a-vis social security (maternity leave, disability rates, educational frameworks), medical rights vis-à-vis the Ministry of Health (designated medicine basket, budget and personnel in the preemie).

Support and assistance

The Lehab Association works for the well-being of premature babies and their families: producing initial training booklets for support and information for the parent of a premature baby in hospitalization and towards his release. Running a website, support groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and a 24/7 active hotline to answer the questions and needs of parents and families, as well as assistance with the institutional authorities and treatment of individual problems.

Throughout the years of its activity, the association reached many significant achievements, among others:

Extension of paid maternity leave for mothers of premature babies and other babies who were hospitalized at the beginning of their lives, RSV vaccines, promoting the establishment of a breast milk bank in Israel, the Ministry of Health circular for the treatment of premature babies in the community, a special allowance for premature babies and more.

15,000 premature babies are born in Israel every year. Every achievement of the association throughout its years of activity touches in one way or another on every child and every family:
If in the cooler that you receive in Pagia, by contacting a hotline, in assisting in the exploitation of rights, in our various support groups in the various media, in Octopus in Pagia or after it, and also in indirect ways, like all the above rights... which did not exist before.

Important information for parents

our projects

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