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We bring the information regarding the breast milk bank, the criteria for receiving a breast milk donation and the procedures for using breast milk. For inquiries about donating breast milk, contact the MDA

About the breast milk bank project

Breast milk is the best food for every newborn, especially for premature babies. When the newborn is not fed with his mother's milk, there is a preference for feeding with pumped and pasteurized breast milk from a donor, provided by a regulated breast milk bank, over feeding with baby food compounds.
Feeding with mother's milk controlled by the milk bank can prevent morbidity and mortality, shorten hospitalization days and save expenses for newborn care. Breast milk from donors has been shown to be particularly effective in preventing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). MDA's National Breast Milk Bank in a joint project with the Ministry of Health was officially opened in August 2020, but its continuous operation at the beginning of 2021 has not yet been regulated.

To view the procedures for using milk from a breast milk bank

Procedure for using milk from a breast milk bank

Inquiries about donating breast milk

Indications for giving breast milk

The National Breast Milk Bank of Magen David Adom

Contact Information:

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Who can donate breast milk?

Milk donors are supposed to meet special conditions that guarantee their fitness to act as milk donors and the safety of the pumped milk. The minimum eligibility conditions include a column on conditions for donating blood, and on top of that are added conditions that ensure the long-term eligibility of the donating mother and the safety of the milk pumped by the mother. The donated milk goes a long way until it reaches the baby in need, so it is important that it is pumped and stored under very strict conditions. These rules do not bind you when you pump for your child. Equally, you may discover that there are living conditions that prevent you from being a milk donor. Of course, this does not indicate that you cannot breastfeed your child or that "your milk is not good", in the same way that healthy and vital people sometimes cannot donate blood, so do milk donors. In any case of doubt about your compliance with the conditions for eligibility as a milk donor, you are welcome to contact us at: milkbank@mda The full criteria for donating breast milk from the MDA website are detailed Here

The recommended target population for donating breast milk

(from the circular of the head of public health services)

in first priority

  • Premature babies up to a weight of 1500 grams or less than 32 weeks gestational age
  • Babies suffering from malabsorption syndromes and/or intolerance to milk products
  • Babies suffering from syndromes of immune system deficiencies
  • Babies suffering from birth defects in the digestive system
  • Additional medical benefits for breast milk according to the decision of the bank's medical director

Second priority

  • Premature babies not listed above
  • Failure to breastfeed
  • A baby given up for adoption or surrogate birth
  • Maternal illness that prevents breastfeeding

Click here for referenceBreast milk bank returns - Head of Public Health Services

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