Extension of maternity leave for a premature mother

A mother whose baby is hospitalized, or needs to be hospitalized again, for a period of at least 15 days during the maternity leave, is entitled to extend the maternity leave by a number of days equal to the number of days of hospitalization and at most up to a period of 20 weeks.

  • During the extension period it is possible to receive Maternity pay Up to the maximum number of days detailed below:
    • 20 additional weeks, if the mother is entitled to payment Maternity pay for 15 weeks.
    • 12 additional weeks, if the mother is entitled to maternity benefits for 8 weeks.
  • In this case, it is also possible to split the maternity leave (temporarily stop it for the duration of the hospitalization, and resume it when it ends), so that the period of hospitalization will not be calculated as a period in which the entitlement to maternity leave was used. For more information see Split maternity leave.

Who is eligible?

  • gives birth and the baby she gave birth to must be hospitalized, or return to hospitalization, for at least 15 days (even if they are not consecutive) during Maternity leave its.
  • Men are allowed to share the maternity leave with their partners starting from the seventh week after giving birth, provided that the female partner is entitled to maternity leave, but chose to shorten the maternity leave and return to her job.

The process of exercising the right

Delivery of notice to the employer

  • The employee must give written notice to the employer at least 4 days before the date she was supposed to return to work. If, under the circumstances, it is impossible for her to give notice at that time, she must give it at the earliest possible time.
  • A confirmation from the hospital or a doctor on its behalf, regarding the period of hospitalization of the premature infant, must be attached to the notification.

Application for extension of maternity allowance

Important Information

  • If Both the baby and the mother were hospitalized While she was entitled to maternity leave, and their hospitalization periods were shorter than 15 days and did not overlap, the hospitalization periods of both can be combined, so that entitlement to extend the maternity leave is possible (if both periods add up to 15 days).

The information reserves all rights

Important information for parents

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