Important information for parents of premature babies

We at the Lehab association work to make it as easy as possible for premature babies and their parents in dealing with the challenges along the way

We provide you with sources of information and support options and we are here to help in any way

We know, Pegaia is not an easy place to be. The uncertainty, the lack of information - every day anew.
The tests, the dangers, the medical expressions that are thrown into the air, the suctions, the whistling, the feelings of guilt, the tears and the fear of the unknown. It seems that in this whole story you are alone, no one really understands what you are going through, it is true - no one can really understand you, except those who have been through it themselves. That's why we are here, for you.


Information and training booklets

The Lehab Association is working on the production of up-to-date information and training booklets for parents in order to provide a convenient tool for assistance with the important issues.
> The green booklet refers to the time of stay in prematurity (Click here for the brochure)
> The pink booklet refers to the days after the release from Pagia (Click here for the brochure).
The brochures are also printed and distributed in the parents' rooms in preschools throughout the country.


The WhatsApp and Facebook groups for support and consultation with other parents

The association operates WhatsApp groups according to prematurity and region, for the period of prematurity and after. To select a group and join, go toHere.

For sharing and consulting with other parents of premature babies, join the Facebook group "Parents of premature infants the official group". Over 9000 parents are members of the group and you can get an answer to almost any question and find a great deal of knowledge accumulated over the years.


the hot line

The Lehab Association for Premature Babies operates a hotline to help parents by phone 03-953-3935.
This is a hotline that can be contacted with any question, request for support and help 24/7, and the association's volunteers get back to the applicants with an answer as soon as possible. The line provides assistance with breast milk bank issues, vaccinations, referral to professional agencies, initial emotional assistance, and help with difficulties with various agencies such as the National Insurance and the health insurance funds.


Training videos and information on YouTube

We have put together information and training videos for you that will help you and answer the various questions on the YouTube channel of the association. If you have a video that is suitable for publication on the website for the benefit of other parents, we would appreciate it if you could send us a link.


Information about your rights

We have compiled for you here on the website the initial information regarding your and your children's rights bNational Insurance, on the issues of extending maternity leave, RSV vaccines for premature infants, Breast milk bank and more. To review the various eligibility issues, click on the "Information and Support" menu in the top navigation bar of the site. You can also get more information on the website every right.


Sign up for important updates

To receive important updates from us concerning your children and your rights, you are welcome Sign up for our newsletter sent from time to time.


<< More important information for parents >>

Additional important information is presented to you here on this page and between the pages of the site our. Look for the list of topics in green (browsing from the computer - on the right, or browsing from the mobile phone - at the bottom of the page).


And remember, we are with you and here for you in every question!

Important information for parents

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