Premature returns in the community

The follow-up and treatment of complex and premature newborns upon their release from hospitalization to the community

Link to the 2016 Prematurity Circular

In November 2014, the LAH association put on the table of the Prematurity Day Committees in the Knesset the topic of caring for premature babies in the community. We raised and emphasized the importance of early developmental intervention upon the premature baby's release from prematurity and the need of parents and families for a professional treatment sequence that will respond to the feeling of vacuum created after release from the prematurity envelope. 

Following the committees on the same day, we were asked to conduct a survey on the subject which was carried out during December 2014, in the group parents Premature on social networks. from the survey came up Difficulties in treatment at maturity and in his family and in recognition of the needs the special ones the medical and developmental of premature in drops the milk, among a doctor the children the initial ones And also in queues to the institutes development the boy

The survey revealed a worrying picture that led the Ministry of Health, d"R Tsangan who heads a union The neonatologists to formulate circular to settle You The tracking and the treatment after the The release from prematurity

The members of the board of directors of the Lehab association were part of the recurring formation from the aspect of the needs of the families. Yael Shemaya (Chairman of the board of directors of the association) - dietician premature infants and Shiri Kertin (member of the board of directors) - neuro-developmental physiotherapist also served as professional consultants in their field. 

After two years of working on the circular, on Prematurity Day 2016, the circular came into effect and brought good news to the parents of premature babies. 


First the circular Defines for the first time all the tests, trainings and treatments that premature babies need after release from prematurity. 

Second, the circular included the entire premature population (complex and normal) as a population at risk with a need for special monitoring at the beginning of their lives. Another innovation is the definition of the complex newborn - a premature baby can be born after week 32 and due to complications of prematurity be included under the definition of a complex premature baby and receive the accompanying rights. 

The circular emphasized the issue of early intervention by multiple medical, developmental and nutritional meetings in the first months of life. 

In conclusion - the innovation in the circular:

  1. A therapeutic and medical sequence from hospitalization in premature to moving home in the community (pay attention to the responsibility of your pediatrician as the treatment center for premature). A recommendation for parents to register with the pediatrician and a drop of milk before the discharge date and to pass relevant material that will enable a continuum of treatment. 
  2. First meeting with the pediatrician at the treatment center - within two weeks of discharge. 
  3. All premature infants will receive a physical therapy assessment within 3 months (complex premature infants within a month)
  4. A complex preterm will receive a nutritional assessment within a month from the date of release from preterm. It is also clearly defined which premature babies also need a nutritional assessment regardless of the week and birth weight (within 3 months). 

The Hebrew Association welcomes the release of this important circular and invites the parents of premature babies to ask questions through the hotline and the Facebook group and demand your rights and the rights of your premature babies. We are here to help make the circular a reality in the field.

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