Prematurity Awareness Month

International Prematurity Awareness Day

"World Prematurity Awareness Day" is observed around the world on November 17, every year. This day is marked with the aim of raising the level of awareness among the general public about the special needs of babies born before their time (premature babies), putting on the government's agenda the issues that require state care, as well as collecting donations and coordinating other activities for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life of premature babies and their families.

Associations, doctors' organizations and other bodies around the world work to promote these goals, defined by me EFCNI, the European umbrella organization for the promotion of abortion.

In Israel, we celebrate the International Day of Prematurity as part of an entire month of awareness dedicated to the issue of premature babies - the month of November. In this month, various activities are held with the aim of raising the issue of premature birth to the public discourse, and to flood the difficulties and problems associated with premature birth.

Since 2009, Israel has also been marking the day of prematurity in the Israeli Knesset, devoting a special debate in the plenum to this day. On Prematurity Day in the Knesset, topics relevant to the world of premature babies are brought up for discussion in the various Knesset committees. The due date is also a platform for supporting legislation and monitoring the issues surrounding the issue.

The Day of Prematurity activities in the Israeli Knesset are led by the Lehab Association and the Israeli Neonatology Association, which - together constitute the "Forum for premature infants in Israel", which is also responsible for other activities within the framework of this day, which are also carried out in the media arena, in hospitals and other activities and events.

This day is an important global opportunity to discuss the many difficulties and risks associated with premature babies, as well as to promote the needs of the families of premature babies and the medical staff who care for them.

To archive the events of Prematurity Day and Awareness Month

General Assembly - 2022

  האסיפה הכללית השנתית תתקיים בזום ביום שישי, 21/10/22, בשעה 9:00 חברי עמותה מוזמנים להשתתף באסיפה. להתעדכן ולהיות חלק מהעשייה. אג'נדה: 09:00-09:15 – פתיח, היכרות 09:15-09:30 – קצת על הנעשה בלה"ב מאז האסיפה האחרונה 09:30-10:00 – הצגת דוחות כספיים, דוח

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Due date 2018

Background - Prematurity Day 2018 approximately 10% 7% - of all babies in Israel are born prematurely (premature). This is about 14,000 babies every year*. "Premature", according to the definition of the Ministry of Health, is any baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature babies are at risk of severe morbidity and medical complications.

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Report on the status of premature babies for 2019

On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Day, the "Forum for Premature Infants" notes the 2019 State of Prematurity Report: MK Orli Levy-Abacsis, chairman of Gesher and co-chairman of the Forum for Premature Infants in Israel: "The last few days shook the earth under The feet of the residents of Israel, on one

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Failure to protect premature babies continues - only 9 out of 26 premature babies in Israel are protected!

Despite the danger of rocket fire and the escalation of the security situation, most premature babies in Israel are still not protected and a multi-year national plan for their protection has not yet been formulated. The Forum for Premature Babies calls on the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to immediately budget about half a billion NIS, which are urgently needed to protect premature babies, before it happens

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Presentation for "Maccabi" sisters

A presentation for the "Maccabi" nurses from Tifata Halab, clinic nurses, dieticians and Maccabi's child development team. At the end of the presentation, the sisters heard the song "Hero" and were really moved. To watch: Maccabi conference presentation (1)

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After last year's great success, we organized a variety of lectures for you this year on various topics concerning our lives as parents of premature babies. Participation in lectures is free! For links to lectures join our silent WhatsApp group. So what awaits us this month? More details on the Facebook page of the Lehab association and the parents' group

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Premature returns in the community

The follow-up and care of premature newborns is complex and upon their release from hospitalization to the community Link to the Premature Baby Circular 2016 in the community November 2014, the Lehab Association put on the table of the Prematurity Day committees in the Knesset the topic of premature baby care in the community. We raised and emphasized the importance of early developmental intervention upon the release of

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