Prematurity Day 2013 in the media

1. Is a premature baby born after week 34 considered a normal baby?
Premature babies who are born late, from weeks 34 to 37, are less of a concern than premature babies who are born early, but their morbidity may also have long-term consequences, a new literature review found. Click to read the article on the "Haaretz" website
2. Interview on the program "Parents' Meeting" with Dr. Shmuel Tsangan, Director of Prematurity at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon with Jenny Dvir, mother of prematurity and volunteer at the association

3. An article by Prof. Amir Kugelman, a neonatologist from Bnei Zion Hospital, on the subject of "Late Prematurity" Click to read the article on the "Haaretz" website
4. Radio Kol Chai - interview with Romi Shouri - the chairman of the association about her personal story, the association and its work

5. Network A - Interview with Dr. Rivka Regev, a neonatologist from Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba with Shiri Kertin, a premature mother and an activist in the association Click to listen to the interview 

6. Personal story: parenting a premature baby
Parents of premature babies are faced with caring for a particularly vulnerable baby, with anxieties and feelings of guilt. An interview with a premature mother who became a nurse and is active in an association for premature infants in Israel. An article on the occasion of Prematurity Awareness Day. To continue reading the article on the Doctors website
7. Latest news, 24 hour supplement, 18-11-2013, Click here to read the article
8. Non-stop radio, Guy Zohar's program - an interview with Dr. Shmuel Tsangan + Sagit Orenstein, mother of a child, member of the Israel Association

9. YNET, parents section- An opinion piece by Dr. Litmanovitz from Meir Hospital on the importance of establishing a breast milk bank for premature babies,7340,L-4451942,00.html
10. Prof. Carso's health plan, Channel 10 - interview with Dr. Shmuel Tsangan

11. Within a year: Israel's first breast milk bank
Finally in Israel too: the Ministry of Health has approved the establishment of breast milk banks in Israeli hospitals. The milk will be donated by mothers who have excess milk, and at this point it will be given exclusively to premature babies whose mothers are unable to provide it. Expert: The move will result in a significant decrease in premature mortality and fatal complications. To continue reading the article on the Ynet website
12. Premature mortality in Israel - twice that of Western countries
A report examining the condition of premature babies in Israel presents a difficult picture: a shortage of 240 hospital beds, 151 premature doctors and 670 nurses. The sad result: 801 TP2T premature babies do not receive appropriate treatment - and mortality in Israel is the highest in the West. To continue reading the article on the Ynet website
13. Little ones with big faith: International Prematurity Day
We wonder if this burning worry will ever go away, the cramping in the stomach every time premature babies are mentioned in the media, the memories that come up every time we pass by Ichilov Hospital - Liron and Omari Gabish, parents of Lim and Arbel, twins who were born prematurely and are now 3 years old, talk about the fear and concerns. To continue reading the article on the Ynet website
14. A doctor for the country: Urgently establish a breast milk bank for premature babies
Studies have already proven that breast milk is very helpful for the health and development of premature babies, but the fact is that it is precisely in these cases that the mothers find it more difficult to provide it. The world has already realized that the solution to the problem is a mother's milk bank under the supervision of the state - but in Israel nothing has been done yet. On the occasion of International Prematurity Day, a female doctor makes an urgent appeal to the state to change the situation. To continue reading the article on the Ynet website
15. Every day counts: this is how you will help your preemie progress
They wake up more at night and cry more, are very sensitive to touch and have more difficulty physically - also later in life. Parenting premature babies, especially in the first few months, may be very different from parenting a full-term baby. In honor of International Prematurity Day, Yael Zakov explains how the difference manifests itself - and what you can do to help them bridge the gaps. To continue reading the article on the Ynet website
16. The Knesset plenum marked today the International Prematurity Day
November 19, 2013, 16:00 in Kisloo 1744, at 6:30 p.m.
The chairman of the yeshiva, MK Hilik Bar (Labour), praised Knesset members Orli Levy-Abekasis (Likud-Beitnou), the chairman of the committee for the rights of the child and Knesset chairman Yuli Edelstein for their work on the issue.
17. The program 'The main health - Radio South' on Radio South which was broadcast on 11/19/2013 at 22:03. An interview with Dr. Agi Golan - Director of the Newborn and Premature Department at Soroka Hospital.

18. Increase in premature births in IsraelMaariv newspaper 11/19/2013
19. Good news for parents: breast milk banks will be established in hospitals – Israel Hayom newspaper 20.11.2013
20. One in eight premature babies does not survive – Israel Hayom newspaper 11/19/2013
21. "Mamaland" program with Eden Harel - Channel 10 from the date 11/19/2013 time 12:09
A panel on premature infants in Israel on the occasion of Prematurity Day 2013

22. From the central news broadcaster on Channel 10 - an article on the Breast Milk Bank
With the participation of attorney Shlomit Harel Schwartz - member of the audit committee of the association

23. Commemoration of the 2013 Labor Day in the Knesset of Israel from the Meitav program on Channel 10
With the participation of representatives of the Lehab Association for Premature Infants in Israel

24. The date of paid maternity leave for a mother for a hospitalized baby
Paid maternity leave for the mother of a hospitalized baby will not be limited to ten weeks, "we have been given an opportunity to benefit the families of premature babies". Click to continue reading the news
25. Money for premature babies, rapid training for doctors and a breast milk bank
November 19, 2013, 16th in Kisloo 1744, at 5:15 p.m.
From discussions held in the Knesset committees as part of the International Day of Prematurity celebrated today in the Israeli Knesset, there are real news for premature babies in Israel. By the end of 2013, the main points of the bill for extensive dedicated budgeting for premature wards will be approved
 26. An interview that took place with Dr. Kobi Schiff on Anat Dolev's show, Channel 2, following the Knesset holiday on 11/24/2013 at 18:08

27. The story of Shira Aharonin from Severi - from the show Live in the Night on Channel 2

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