International Prematurity Day (11/17) and Awareness Month (every November)

About 10% of all babies in Israel are born prematurely (premature). This is about 15,000 babies every year.
"Premature", according to the definition of the Ministry of Health, is any baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy.
Premature babies are at risk of severe morbidity and medical complications. Some do not last long and die in the hospital. The others do not receive the care they deserve, causing great suffering to them and their families. This population of premature babies are at high risk of severe morbidity and even death, even in the late weeks of birth.
Unlike children born on time. A premature baby is not just a "baby who needs to grow" but a baby whose body systems are not mature. While all premature babies are at developmental risk, a premature baby who develops infections is four times more likely to develop cerebral palsy and disabilities.
Unfortunately, about 50% of the deaths of babies in Israel are the product of miscarriages. The mortality rate of premature infants weighing 500-1000 grams in Israel is among the highest among developed countries and is about 40%, this is compared to 30% percent in the USA and only 20% percent in Australia and Germany.
Even if premature babies "survive" the morbidity and medical complications, they are required to continue treatment and special medical follow-up. Unfortunately, premature babies in Israel do not receive optimal follow-up and treatment upon their release from premature birth into the community. The damage of the poor follow-up can be discovered even many years after the birth and sometimes they are even irreversible.
Parents of premature babies have to deal with difficulties such as insufficient maternity leave, loss of working days, reserves, having to purchase special medical equipment and more.
In Israel there is a continuous shortage of neonatologists, something that endangers the continued existence of this profession. A severe shortage is also felt in nursing standards, something that severely affects infection rates from infections of premature babies in piglets and even increases the mortality rate.
Parents of premature babies are exposed to anxiety and stress arising from uncertainty about their child's future. Most premature babies lack the infrastructure to allow parents to be part of the team caring for and supporting their child.
The State of Israel must provide for the special needs of premature infants and their families.

Our goals during the prematurity days and awareness months:
• Raising awareness.
• The marking of the International Day of Prematurity in Israel, every year.
• Collecting annual data and publishing the annual report on the condition of premature infants.

The activities of the International Awareness Month every year are supported through grants and sponsorships from organizations and companies.

International Prematurity Day
Celebrated worldwide on 11/17, every year. This day is marked with the aim of raising the level of awareness among the general public about the special needs of babies born before their time (premature babies), putting on the government's agenda the issues that require state care, as well as collecting donations and coordinating other activities for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life of premature babies and their families.
organization of the roof,EFCNI, associations, doctors' organizations and other bodies around the world are working to promote these goals, which were defined by the European Association for the Promotion of Abortion.
Israel has also been celebrating Prematurity Day since 2009. The Knesset of Israel dedicates a special plenary session to this day and relevant issues are brought up for discussion in the various Knesset committees. The due date is also a platform for supporting legislation and monitoring the issues surrounding the issue.
This day is an important global opportunity to discuss the many difficulties and risks associated with premature babies, as well as to promote the needs of the families of premature babies and the medical staff who care for them.

We at the Lehab association have chosen to celebrate the International Day of Prematurity with a whole month of activity to raise awareness and the well-being of premature babies in Israel.

Among our outstanding achievements

  • Extension of maternity leave for treatment of premature babies
  • Temporary disability allowances
  • Establishment of a national breast milk bank
  • Expanding eligibility for the RSV vaccine
  • Publication of a Ministry of Health circular for the treatment of premature infants in the community defining the medical and paramedical services to which premature infants are entitled
  • Establishing a comprehensive support system and an information center for parents that includes a hotline, a website, support groups on Facebook and WhatsApp


Activity support - sponsorships
We call on organizations and companies to contribute to this important activity.

invites you to take part in the action and be our partners in a significant change for every child and every family in Israel

"Whoever saves one soul, it is as if he saved the whole world"

for donations and assistance - please contact the Lehab Association by phone: 03-9533935 or by email


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