Prematurity Day 2013 family event

This year, the due date event was held on November 29, 2013 Between the hours of 09:00 and 14:00
The event was free but pre-registration was required because the number of places is limited.

It was the second candle of Hanukkah, also known as the holiday of miracles like the miracle of our precious premature babies!!!
the location: The open space horse farm 
The open space farm, located in Kfar Shmuel, is home to tens of thousands of children. A unique method was developed at the farm to treat, train and strengthen children on the autistic spectrum and children with cerebral palsy. The farm team, and its head, Dr. Ofer Komarovsky, allows the children to create positive communication with the horse and to express towards him the delicacy and sensitivity that is within them. The horses themselves respond in a surprising way, and thus a unique communication triangle is created between the child, the guide and the horse. This relationship is deepening , and together with it emotional and physical strengths are built - from self-image to strengthening muscles and motor skills. Above all, children with special needs receive in the open space what is most important to them: a loving environment that accepts them as they are, equal among equals. A place where they are not exceptional, But on the contrary - they contribute and are active, they are the leaders, they are the ones who take the reins. Link to the farm's website | Link to the offer of the farm to members of the association
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נותני חסות 2013

AbbVie Began as the leading pharmaceutical company Abbott, which was founded in 1888 by the physician Dr. Wallace Abbott from Chicago. Since then, Abbott has evolved into a leading global healthcare provider, providing pharmaceutical, nutritional, diagnostic and therapeutic products to people in more than 150 countries.
Link to the website of AbbVie
andayoel are happy to inform you about a collaboration between the LHB association and Anda Yoel - a photographer of newborn babies, children and families who was honored to be the first Israeli photographer whose work was published in the international magazine: International Association of Newborn Photographers in the category Best Newborn Photographers.

Enda says: "Recently, a number of close friends had premature babies. Through them I became aware of the many difficulties and complexities associated with caring for premature babies in their first moments of life. After I offered them to do newborn photography in a studio in the Raz, I realized that photographing newborn babies in a studio is out of the question and does not occupy an important place among the priorities theirs since when these children come home their parents are required to be extremely careful about their health and the people who come in contact with them. Also, newborn babies are defined as babies in the first two weeks of their lives, while premature babies, when they arrive home, no longer meet this definition, apparently."

Understanding the different needs of parents of premature babies, I decided to slightly change the normal newborn package and adapt it to the population of premature babies.

Special NB-XS package for the association - 5% discount from the price + 10% contribution from the profits.
Link to the website of andaYoel

Preemie is a clothing store for premature babies and newborns from 1.5 kilos to 3.5 kilos that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer on our website a selection of preemie clothes of excellent quality, with excellent service, immediate availability and home delivery.
Link to the website of preemie

Eitan Liraz International Law Firm Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices
For several years now, we have been contributing legal consulting services to all the association's activities.
We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
Link to the website of Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices
MIBAL'E The first parent and child center of its kind in Israel, managed under full medical supervision! Mivala is a first of its kind and unique center in Israel that offers personal and developmental support for parents, children and family, while fully adapting to each child, parent and their personal needs. The accompaniment is done under full and thorough medical supervision that combines conventional medicine, complementary medicine and paramedical professions.
Link to the website of MIBAL'E
Dan Stromer - Design, building websites and digital media
With over 12 years of experience in the internet industry, focusing on the design and construction of websites, interfaces and internet applications, the studio provides a comprehensive and complete solution for internet marketing tools, combining concept building, through design, construction, statistical analysis and more.
Link to the website of Dan Stromer 

Pampers It is the best-selling disposable diaper brand in the world and is the first disposable diaper to arrive in Israel. Pampers has a variety of leading products adapted to the needs of the baby in the different stages. This year, Pampers launched a special diaper for prematures in size 0 in order to protect the delicate skin of babies born prematurely and babies born with a low birth weight.
As the most innovative and best-selling diaper brand in the world, Pampers leads the technological innovations that improve your baby's life. We invite you to read and get advice on contact, babies and parenting on the Pampers website:  And keep in touch with us on our Facebook page at

Silver Productions – Business events | Private events Welfare events Rebranding events | Workshops and consolidation activities | Theme parties and holidays, such as: Purim parties, end of year parties and more.
"SR Production" was founded and is managed by Roy Silvera, who has over 10 years of experience in the field of event production and sales promotion, for Israeli and international businesses and organizations.
Link to SR-Production's website

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