Studies and articles

1. Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants: A 20-Year Experience
2.  Development of prematurity and osteopenia of prematurity

3. Premature infants: normal long-term development
4. Prematurity and long-term cognitive fitness
5. Palivizumab Prophylaxis, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and Subsequent Recurrent Wheezing
6. Treatment of premature babies who are not viable or who are expected to live a life of suffering
7. Ductus arteriosus - arterial tube
8. About a third of premature babies will suffer from hyperactivity
9. Is the pregnancy period shortened?
10. Expired at week 23 - to resuscitate or not to resuscitate?
11. Premature babies in a hostile environment
12. Prolonged respiratory morbidity after prematurity
13. Risk of depression for small babies
14. Intrauterine growth disorder IUGR
15. read the prematurity / caressing prematurity
16. Premature babies and falls in the neonatal intensive care unit - the halachic aspects
17. On the dilution of embryos and the halachic status of embryos in vitro
18. Premature development / Hadva Erez

19. Premature babies can be fed in the first days
20. An Israeli study on the economics of premature babies
21. Aromatherapy to prevent apnea in premature infants
22. An Israeli study examined: what happens to the fate of premature babies?
23. Caffeine - for the treatment of premature babies
24. Respiratory support in premature infants
25. Research: most mistakes in prematurity - from workload
26. The earliest means of predicting preeclampsia
27. The primary relationship premature parents - and the factors that affect the parents' anxiety level
28. Finding: Music affects premature babies
29. Studies: Premature babies are harmed in the long term
30. Epidemiology and risk factors for early onset sepsis among very-low-birthweight infants
31. Delivery mode and severe intraventricular hemorrhage in single, very low birth weight, vertex infants
32. Inside the incubator: how to strengthen the bond between parent and infant
33. Hand washing information for the pharmaceutical industry
34. Therapeutic riding for premature infants / Dr. Ofer Komarovsky

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