The story of Hadas Amira

My story begins more than 18 years ago, but only today do I have the courage to tell it because only now do I realize that by sharing this I am actually strengthening other people who are in the same or a similar situation.
In a place I didn't set foot in for more than 16 years because I was afraid, I was afraid of the whistles and the when I work in Pagya, yes at the lovely Pagya, in the same Pagya where I gave birth, at Kaplan Hospital with the team that saved my daughter, the winning team then and especially today, when I see that they are working hard for each baby and appreciates them more for their dedication and giving, for their professionalism and humanity, for their empathy towards the parents and the update on the medical condition of the chicks.
19 years ago, about half a year after I gave birth to my first child, I became pregnant again, what a joy I thought to my baby now he or she will be friends, I went for a routine check-up with a gynecologist at the health fund and he informs me that I have twins, come back in two weeks, they seem to be growing, I left all happy of course Because twins are a dream, after about two weeks I come for a check-up and it is announced that it is a triplet, yes as you hear a triplet without any prior preparation, like this from heaven without treatments a spontaneous triplet pregnancy.
I couldn't contain my joy because my husband was waiting outside with the girl. I told the doctor that there was no way I was telling him this. "He would never believe it." The doctor tells my husband the good news and we all leave with great excitement.
In the beginning, everything was great, I felt wonderful, I gained weight, I even worked, during that entire period everything was normal according to the gynecologist, until week 16 when I had to perform a system review and since it is a multiple pregnancy, it is performed in a hospital, I was sent to Assaf Hospital and Dr. Eli Dreizin performed Unfortunately, during the examination I did not receive good news and I was told that one of the fetuses has a spinal deformity and will probably die immediately after birth. He asked me to come back in two weeks, they suggested that I dilute the pregnancy and take into account that there could be a situation where I lose the whole thing, we refused for religious reasons.

A few days later I felt unwell, I don't know if it was because I was stressed by the news, but I started early labor, I was sent to Kaplan Hospital, where I was hospitalized for pregnancy protection with complete bed rest. I got up to shower and go to the bathroom only with the help of a nurse.
This nightmare lasted for 13 weeks, at night I probably had a drop of water, but I thought to Tommy it was sweat, we are in August... the next morning, as is done every week, an ultrasound examination was performed, of course you have to eat before so that they can see movements.... And my world is dark. It turns out that one of the fetuses, the creation, died in the womb. I have to be operated on, but I have to wait 6 hours to fast, the time seems like an eternity, on August 11, 1999 at 8:00 p.m. I know it's not going to end well. of the embryos are very small.
Twin 1 - a 1000 gram baby that no one knows what to do with him, but his chance is the highest of all
Twin 2- 960 grams a baby with a deformity that I know will die immediately after birth
Twin 3- 760 grams who died in utero
I lose all hope because it has to end badly and then we arrive at Pagya in the Kaplan the babies are treated by a lovely staff.
The baby with the shock died after 4 hours, and the only baby who is in a difficult situation at all weighs only a kilo, is breathing and is endlessly connected, her body tubes are the size of my palm, her thigh is the thickness of my thumb, so fragile and fragile, what will happen to her?
Platelets, brain, kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, lungs, so many organs and all of them are vital and everything has to function properly, when you give birth prematurely there is no time for excitement only for survival, hourly and then daily survival everything changes at breakneck speed, a lot of worry, accompanied by sadness and tears, A rollercoaster of emotions that starts now and we don't know when we'll get off it and a lot of faith, faith in the Creator, faith in the team, faith that it can't be worse than this, the stunning Tami, a nurse from birth, never stops strengthening me that I must be strong and not give up on myself, the whole family Came to visit Mazel Tov from a reserved full of mercy...

And of course no one is interested in me except the girl, the girl who must be fine, full of conversations and explanations about how complex the situation is and how it could be worse, you also have to take that into account, but my girl is a survivor, a real survivor and against all odds she decided that she chooses life and is released from the hospital after three months.

Thanks to the amazing angels at the hospital in Kaplan, thanks to Dr. Shinvel, Dr. Flidel, Dr. Yoster, Dina, a nurse in charge and the nursing team, Evelyn the nurse, the auxiliary forces and the cleaners in the ward, yes thanks to all of them she is alive today, healthy in body, healthy in soul, a stunning child With a captivating smile that in a moment mobilizes and becomes a mature person herself.

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