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Who is invited to an intake meeting with a social worker?

We at the Child Development Institute work with a systemic approach. The institute combines the skills of many professionals, in order to get a complete picture of the child's development and formulate recommendations for continued assistance for him if necessary. As part of this concept, every family that comes for diagnosis at the institute is invited to talk with a social worker. This conversation usually takes place upon the first arrival at the institute in order to get to know the family and get preliminary information about the child. This meeting is held with the parents, without the presence of the child. If the parents are interested, they can come with a family member or another significant person involved in his care.

Why is it important to come to a meeting with the attorney?

We believe that the parents and the surrounding family are the most significant figures from whom information can be obtained about the child's condition. This conversation allows us to get background and additional information that can be significant during the diagnoses with the child. During the diagnoses, the professionals who meet the child are impressed by his development, each according to his field. The information that you as parents add to it is added to the information that the examiners collect during the meeting itself and helps the diagnostic process. Also, and no less important, the meeting with the social worker enables receiving information regarding the rights and benefits provided by various bodies in the country in order to help promote the child's development. According to the needs that arise during the diagnostic process (and if they do arise), the agent will pass on information about the services provided in the community and will help to organize their admission process. In cases where the need arises, the agent will be able to hold parent trainings, advise them, accompany them in applying to the various bodies and liaise between them and associations and aid organizations - all these in order to support, guide and promote the realization of their rights.

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