Physiotherapy for premature babies

כפי שצוין, על פי חוזר משרד הבריאות בנושא התפתחות הילד, כל פג שנולד מתחת למשקל 1500 גרם, חייב להיות מופנה למכון להתפתחות הילד ולקבל עדיפות בתור לפיזיותרפיה.

מהם הסימנים בעטיים מומלץ להגיע מהר יותר לאבחון פיזיותרפיה לפגים הראשוני?

  • In a situation where it is noticed that the child has a clear preference to look to one side more than the other (suspected torticollis).
  • When there is great difficulty in laying the baby on the stomach while awake.
  • When dressing and diapering the baby and feeling stiffness in the limbs (high muscle tone, in the words of the parents "strong baby") or alternatively, when the baby feels limp and weak (low muscle tone).
  • When the parents feel that side differences exist (according to the parents "the right/left side seems more active")
  • When there is difficulty in making eye contact, following and smiling socially (which is expected in the first month and a half at home).

בכל מצב אחר ובכל שאלה שמטרידה את ההורה, חשוב לפנות לייעוץ פיזיותרפיה מוקדם.

What should the parent do before he meets the physiotherapist for the first time at the institute?

Lying on your stomach while keeping your forearms together for as long as possible while awake. To make it easier, you can lay it down on the parent's legs/body and also in a bath and stroller type stroller at 170 degrees.

Changing guides during the day - on the back, on the side and on the stomach.

Giving stimuli symmetrically during play and treatment.

It is recommended to avoid prolonged lying down on the trampoline and stroller. You can lie down in these positions only after a meal and for short periods of time.

If the parents wish to use the carrier, they can do so from the time of release from the nursery. In the first months, be sure to use a carrier that supports the baby's head in a belly-to-belly position, while maintaining a gap between the legs. The prone position in a carrier is not recommended because the baby's hips are close to each other for a long period of time, which increases the risk of dislocation of the hip joints (DDH). Regarding the time spent in the carrier: when the child is asleep there is no problem that he should be in the carrier, but it is important to take him out of the carrier when he is calm, alert and free in order to encourage him to motor activity according to his age. Staying in a carrier is very relaxing, but it does not contribute to strengthening the muscles, so it is important to combine it with activity on a surface.

What should the parent do if the doctor does not send him to the Child Development Institute?

במקרה כזה תפקיד ההורה לבקש מהרופא הפניה למכון להתפתחות הילד הקרוב למקום מגוריו. לאחר קבלת ההפניה, יצור ההורה קשר עם המכון ויקבע תור לפיזיותרפיסט/ית התפתחותי/ת. חשוב לציין שהמעקב הסדיר אצל הרופא והאחיות בטיפת חלב אינו מהווה תחליף לבדיקת רופא ופיזיותרפיסט במסגרת המכון להתפתחות הילד

When should a diagnosis or follow-up be initiated even if it is not scheduled in advance?

If the baby stops doing an action he has already done consistently (not once), for example he would raise his head and stop, he would easily turn over and stop. If the baby uses a consistent horizon only on one side of the body - a leg and/or hand on the same side. Dominance appears much later, a young baby is expected to do activities symmetrically.

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