Financial assistance project for families 

A premature birth involves quite a few emotional difficulties for the parents

Quite a few of the families of premature infants in Israel face difficulties and mental burden following the birth of the premature infant and beyond, many of them are in financial distress both due to the many expenses surrounding the hospitalization of the premature infant (buying food in the hospital cafeteria, high parking expenses, travel expenses, etc.), and due to the fact that sometimes Many if the family is forced to quit their job and take care of the newborn and this is due to the high costs of products adapted to premature babies that many families are forced to purchase:

  • Clothing suitable for little ones who weigh only about 2 kg when released from the farrowing
  • Medical equipment and adapted breastfeeding equipment
  • Adapted bottles and pacifiers
  • Premature tax which is more expensive and there are never promotions on it and more

Many families find it difficult to cope with this financial burden and collapse into a sad and painful reality, in which they cannot always provide the premature newborn and the rest of the family with minimal financial conditions for normal health and mental development.

Currently, the LHB association does not help families with financial aid, but with dedicated donations of rechargeable cards/shopping cards will allow us to help families in this way as well.

**In 2021 we were able to help 50 families thanks to a donation from the Friendship Fund**

**In 2021 we distributed hundreds of packs of Pampers diapers to premature babies (size 0) thanks to a donation from Procter & Gamble**

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