The project of equipping and refurbishing prematurity 

The project of the Lehab association - equipping and refurbishing preemies

In recent years, many resources have been invested in order to improve the difficult situation of premature babies in Israel, but the necessary goals have not yet been achieved. In Israel there are 27 preemies scattered in the various hospitals throughout the country.

Needless to say, the importance of proper infrastructure in preemies for the health and proper development of preemies and the well-being of their families.

In many preemies across the country there is a severe lack of basic equipment such as breast milk pumps, nursing chairs, clothes, pacifiers and more. In addition, many preemies require immediate renovation and improvement of the visibility of the preemies / pumping rooms / parents' rooms.

We at the Lehab association - for premature babies in Israel are committed to the help of premature babies in this important issue as well

After a thorough inspection of pre-schools across the country, it appears that there are significant deficiencies and needs for the above equipment:

  • Nursing chairs
  • Chairs for parents
  • Equipment for parents' rooms such as: Tami 4, refrigerator, sitting areas, microwave
  • Color and visibility improvement of master bedrooms
  • breast pumps
  • Clothes adapted to premature babies
  • Awnings

We would be happy for donations of the equipment or financial donations to help with this project!

for further details -

Want to support the project? Donate to the Hebrew Association

**In 2020 we donated 13 symphony pumps to premature babies for the welfare of pumping mothers thanks to a donation from the National Insurance Funds**

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