The WhatsApp groups of premature babies in Israel

As part of the association's support system for parents, every preemie in Israel has an active WhatsApp group, some of them even have adult groups, a group for support in the high-risk phase and also a group for support for parents of premature babies born abroad.

Looking for someone to understand you?
Do you want to get tips and advice on how to survive the period of puberty?
Let's talk about it with the neighbors to the incubator!

Join us in the WhatsApp groups of parents of premature babies in collaboration with the Lehab Association!

This group was established for women who are currently at risk during pregnancy, and who are at risk of premature birth.

The group is the place to raise questions (concrete and stupid as well as big and important), and also the place to raise needs, fears and concerns.

The group is accompanied by volunteers from the Hebrew Association, who are also mothers of premature babies

We wish you a timely birth, but even if not - we are here❤

The group was established with the understanding that those who have experienced premature birth and mothers of premature babies, arrive at the planning of the next pregnancy and the pregnancy itself with all these experiences accompanying her. 

Sometimes the very thought of getting pregnant overwhelms memories and fears, and the need to share them with someone who understands arises. 

So here, there is a place here to consult with each other, to vent the fear, to express the wish that this time will be different.

The WhatsApp groups of premature babies (managed by the Lehab association)

Didn't find a suitable group?

The WhatsApp groups of the graduates

The Pagia alumni group is intended for the parents of the more "mature" preemies in the group, and there are conversations about life after Pagia, development in the more advanced stages, consultations about tastings, teeth, frames for children, etc.

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