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רעות מלומד פרבר

On October 19, 2008, at 26+6 weeks, a routine check-up at the doctor's, high blood pressure, some swelling, suspicion of pre-eclampsia, sends me to the maternity ward.

I arrived at "Assaf Harofeh" and an hour later it was decided to be hospitalized until further notice in the "Pregnancy at Risk" department, on 7.11.08 at 29+4 weeks blood pressure decided to rise and it was decided to give my child an emergency birth, so at 10:21 p.m. she was born by caesarean section, with a weight of 830 grams.

In a premature baby who stayed for 10 weeks, among other things, there was a suspicion of nick, there was ROP, bleeding in the cords of the brain that were absorbed.

Today Reot turns 6 and next year she will go to first grade.

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