Premature births in Israel

Report on the status of premature babies for 2019

On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Day, the "Forum for Premature Infants" notes the 2019 State of Prematurity Report: MK Orli Levy-Abacsis, chairman of Gesher and co-chairman of the Forum for Premature Infants in Israel: "The last few days shook the earth under The feet of the residents of Israel, all the more so under protective parents

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Failure to protect premature babies continues - only 9 out of 26 premature babies in Israel are protected!

Despite the danger of rocket fire and the escalation of the security situation, most premature babies in Israel are still not protected and a multi-year national plan for their protection has not yet been formulated. The Forum for Premature Babies calls on the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to immediately budget about half a billion NIS, which are urgently needed to protect premature babies, before a disaster occurs. Also, the forum reader

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The project of equipping and refurbishing prematurity 

The project of the Lehab association - equipping and refurbishing preemies in recent years, many resources have been invested in order to improve the difficult situation of preemies in Israel, but the necessary goals have not yet been achieved. In Israel there are 27 preemies scattered in the various hospitals throughout the country. Needless to say, the importance of proper infrastructure in preemies for their health

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LAH's embrace - 360 degrees of love, support, accompaniment and guidance

These days we are raising resources for the benefit of the project - let's be partners in a tremendous impact for the benefit of premature babies and their families** The association's vision is to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of care for premature babies, so that it will reduce the long-term consequences of premature babies on the lives of premature babies in the future. The association's goals are to work for premature babies in Israel at every level

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Premature babies in the shadow of the corona: how will we protect our premature babies in the days of the epidemic?

On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Month, the "Forum for Premature Babies" publishes the report on the situation of premature babies, which this year focuses on the consequences of the corona crisis on the quality of care for premature babies in Israel and the challenges it poses to preemies in hospitals and to the parents of premature babies. Knesset member Michal Shir, Likud: I'm happy to actually lead

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Newborns and premature babies in Israel the shadow of the corona virus

Agenda for the discussion in the Knesset committees to mark Prematurity Day in Israel which will take place on the 8th of Keslo TSHPA, 24.11.2020, chaired by MK Michal Shir We decided to dedicate the prematurity day for the year TSHPA in Israel to a discussion of challenges and solutions related to dealing with the effects of the Corona On the care of newborns and premature babies in Israel. Below are the topics: Update

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An interview with Shlomit Harel Schwartz, a volunteer at the Hebrew Association and with Dr. Hadar Abramowitz-Yepa, mother of twins who were born prematurely | Keshet 12 "Paula and Leon" morning show

An interview with Shlomit Harel Schwartz, a volunteer at the Lehab Association and with Dr. Hadar Abramovitz-Yafa, mother of twins born prematurely, about the campaign of breast milk coolers for preemies promoted by the association, about the association's activities in the field of parental rights for premature infants, recognition of the hospitalization period in prematurity, amendments to legislation in the Knesset , improving care in the community and promoting a breast milk bank

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Cooler for every peg MedNews health and medicine portal

The Association for Premature Infants in Israel, (LAHB), is mobilizing to supply 15,000 personal coolers, one for each new mother, who needs to transport breast milk from her home to the premature baby in the hospital. - If premature. The cooler project has been going on for over 11 years. in all

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