And who takes care of the parents? - Emotional care for parents of premature babies

And who takes care of the parents - 2

So, as I wrote a bit in the previous post, when a premature baby is born, the parents are "thrown" into the world of miscarriages, often without preparation. All of a sudden like that. Many times without knowing this world at all. The hospitals provide an excellent medical response to premature babies. They are professional and experienced but by virtue of their role, they are focused on medical care but are not always aware

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And who takes care of the parents - Chapter 1

16 years ago, at the height of my career at a high-tech company, an unexpected event happened, and it changed the world for me and us as a family. Just like that! My premature baby was born at 26 weeks, she weighed only 730 grams. Weight is not perceived. Third daughter after 2 children who were born on time and at a normal weight (we were with them for a day

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