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Report on the status of premature babies for 2019

On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Day, the "Forum for Premature Infants" notes the 2019 State of Prematurity Report: MK Orli Levy-Abacsis, chairman of Gesher and co-chairman of the Forum for Premature Infants in Israel: "The last few days shook the earth under The feet of the residents of Israel, all the more so under protective parents

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Failure to protect premature babies continues - only 9 out of 26 premature babies in Israel are protected!

Despite the danger of rocket fire and the escalation of the security situation, most premature babies in Israel are still not protected and a multi-year national plan for their protection has not yet been formulated. The Forum for Premature Babies calls on the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to immediately budget about half a billion NIS, which are urgently needed to protect premature babies, before a disaster occurs. Also, the forum reader

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