International Prematurity Day

10% of all babies in Israel are born prematurely (premature), that is, about 16,000 babies are born before their time every year

"World Prematurity Awareness Day" is observed around the world during the month of November, every year. This day is marked with the aim of raising the level of awareness among the general public about the special needs of babies born before their time (premature babies), putting on the government's agenda the issues that require state care, as well as collecting donations and coordinating other activities for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life of premature babies and their families.

Associations, doctors' organizations and other bodies around the world work to promote these goals, defined by me EFCNI, the European umbrella organization for the promotion of abortion.

Israel also celebrates the day of premature birth, since 2009

The Knesset of Israel dedicates a special plenary discussion to this day and relevant issues are brought up for discussion in the various Knesset committees. The due date is also a platform for supporting legislation and monitoring the issues surrounding the issue.

The prematurity day activities in the Israel Knesset 2020 are led by MK Michal Shir and the Israeli Neonatology Association, which - together constitute the "Forum for Premature Infants in Israel", which is also responsible for other activities within the framework of this day, which are also carried out in the media arena, in hospitals and through other activities and events.

This day is an important global opportunity to discuss the many difficulties and risks associated with premature babies, as well as to promote the needs of the families of premature babies and the medical staff who care for them.

Sponsorships for Prematurity Awareness Month

We invite you to take part in action for premature babies in Israel! Together we will continue to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of care for premature babies and their families, to reduce the consequences of miscarriages and improve their quality of life

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Among the achievements of the early days of their generations

The incentive model, improving standards and infrastructure for premature babies, extending paid maternity leave for parents of premature babies, expanding the basket of drugs for RSV vaccines, returning premature babies in the community, an allowance from National Insurance for premature babies, the establishment of the National Breast Milk Bank in Israel by MDA and the Ministry of Health and more.

Prematurity Day 2015 in the media

Parents of premature infants share: this is how we managed the first days 11.11.2015 during the month of November, which is excellent in the world of the International Day of Prematurity. How are you doing?

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