Prematurity Day 2014 family event

You are all invited with joy and love to the family event that will be held on November 28, 2014 BNevet Kedumim Park Next to Modi'in

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What's in the program?

Families are welcome to attend starting at 8.30 Enjoy the various attractions
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- inflatable for different ages
- Art stations for children of different ages
- Photographs of magnets as a souvenir from the event
- Activation and creation with colored dough 
- Colorful face and body makeup
- Clowns who will make the children happy with balloons and games
- Drinks and light refreshments will be served throughout the day 
At 9:30 Shakti Gorodetsky in the "Singers and Games" show - A musical performance of songs and recitations for the little ones combined with dolls and changing accessories (for ages one to two and a half)
At 10:00 a.m. and at 11:30 a.m. the Neot Kedumim train will leave For a guided horseback tour of the reserve (the length of the tour is about 25 minutes of travel on the reserve train)
At 10:30 we will all gather in the Avraham tent in the reserve
For a short ceremony to conclude the month of awareness, with an exciting surprise!!
The ceremony with the participation of: Dr. Shmuel Tsangan - Chairman of the Association of Neonatologists in Israel
Click here to fill out the registration form for the event
The event is free for association members, but pre-registration is required - the number of places is limited.
For those who are not members of the association, the participation price is a donation of NIS 120 for the whole family.
The price of membership in the association is a donation of 100 NIS per year.
All proceeds are donations to the association's activities!
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Photo illustration.


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Additional sponsors of the association:


AbbVie Began as the leading pharmaceutical company Abbott, which was founded in 1888 by the physician Dr. Wallace Abbott from Chicago. Since then, Abbott has evolved into a leading global healthcare provider, providing pharmaceutical, nutritional, diagnostic and therapeutic products to people in more than 150 countries.
Link to the website of AbbVie
The Medela company understands the importance of breast milk in premature babies. We know that the composition of breast milk makes a significant contribution to the development of premature babies. At Medela, they created an activation card for the Symphony breast pump, adapted for use by premature babies, in order to activate the milk production mechanism and preserve it. We are happy to rent our breast pumps to mothers so that they can continue to pump with a quality pump even when they are out of labor. Our website has a section dedicated to premature babies with research and innovations in the field of breastfeeding premature babies.
Madela site

The WeBe company was founded and operates out of an ambition to improve the quality of life of premature babies and their parents. Therefore, it is important for us to support and strengthen the work of the LAH association for premature babies in making information available to the parents of premature babies, accompanying them - in particular in the transition from the premature baby to home, and in providing aids that will make it possible to improve the quality of life of the premature baby, and as a direct result - that of his parents and the staff caring for him.
WeBe site
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Eitan Liraz International Law Firm Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices
For several years now, we have been contributing legal consulting services to all the association's activities.
We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
the site of Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices
Dr Einat Hollander She is a single mother of premature twins who were born at 33 weeks and were in the "Lis" and "Sha'ari Tzedek" nursery. Processing the experience gave rise to Einat, a creative musician, a song called "Givor" which deals with premature babies from the perspective of the parents. Einat donated "Hero" to the association for the purpose of raising awareness and raising donations, and formed a whole team that made the vision a reality: a song and a clip that will henceforth represent the association and accompany it in its activities.
LINKTONE is a kind of small website dedicated entirely to one song. With one click on the link, the editor, broadcaster, or reporter will hear the song and can download it using a username and password to the system.
The LINKTONE that arrives via email, carries the song along with all the PR material, which the artist wants to transfer to the media - photos, communiques, texts, credits and even music videos.
It has never been so easy, pleasant, high-quality and aesthetic to send music to the radio.
It has never been so easy, pleasant, high-quality and aesthetic to receive music from the field.
Beyond a significant reduction in costs, there is also a saving in paper and plastic, which makes the LINKTONE environmentally friendly.
Lincoln's website
Singold is a content distribution company in New Media. The company distributes and collects profits for songs in the internet and mobile music stores in Israel and around the world. Singold represents more and less known artists - whether you started singing yesterday or whether you are a seasoned artist who has already plowed the stages, with us you will find a warm and fair home for your songs. to the Singold site
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Dan Stromer - Design, building websites and digital media
With over 12 years of experience in the internet industry, focusing on the design and construction of websites, interfaces and internet applications, the studio provides a comprehensive and complete solution for internet marketing tools, combining concept building, through design, construction, statistical analysis and more.
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