Famous premature babies in history

We usually don't advocate giving examples about premature babies, such as "I know a premature baby who was born weighing 400 grams and today is two meters tall", but this time we decided to deviate from our custom and introduce you to some of the former premature babies who shaped our world.

Below is a partial list of famous premature babies 

Moses It was said about him, "From Moses to Moses he was not like Moses"; brought Israel out of Egypt and brought them into the promised land; He is considered to be the only person who saw God and talked with him as a man talks to his friend.

On Victor Hugo It is said that his coffin was ordered from the carpenter along with the cradle. He also told Alexandre Dumas that even at the age of 15 months he could not hold his head upright. His mother described him as "no longer than a knife", but despite all this he not only survived, but the former premature became one of the most significant writers and politicians in French and world history.

No one believed that he was premature Samuel Langhorne Clemens He will survive, but when he survived and began to publish books, his literary name became known - Mark Twain - in the entire world.

the former preemie who promised blood, sweat and tears; who promised to fight in the hills, streets and fields; The former Prime Minister of Great Britain and the great victor in World War II - Lord Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.

the former premature who (perhaps) was hit on the head by an apple and thanks to that science changed forever; A scientist, mathematician and philosopher whose way affects each of us to this day - Sir Isaac Newton.

It is not at all surprising that the author of the following sentence, a Nobel Prize winner, is a former peg: "There are two ways to live our lives, one is to treat everything as if it is not a miracle and the other is to treat everything as if it is a miracle" - Albert Einstein.

His face is printed on $100 bills; The former president of the United States and Lord Churchill's partner in the victory over the Nazis - Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A French painter and sculptor who before his death managed to see his paintings hanging in the "Louvre" museum - Pierre Auguste Renoir.

A famous dessert is named after her: the ballerina Anna Pavlova.

One of the greatest romantic poets whose poems still capture many hearts all over the world: John Keats.

Following his journey on the "Beagle" ship, he was able to scientifically explain the variety of species in our world - Charles Robert Darwin.

The short ruler who said: "If you want something done right, do it yourself!" who established the first empire of France; who conquered almost all of Europe and was exiled by his people twice until his mysterious death; the conqueror - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Winner of 21 Grammy Awards; poet, producer and musician; Humanitarian and activist - Singer Stevie Wonder.

He was a satirist and an enlightened philosopher, one of the fathers of the Enlightenment movement; His statement "I oppose your opinion, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it", is considered to this day the flag of liberalism - Francois Marie Arouet, better known by his nickname Walter.

of Walter's opponents; Together with him he is considered responsible for the French Revolution; He called for the release of man from the shackles of civilization and his return to nature - Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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