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  From an article in "Haaretz" Who are we? "You can't prepare for a premature birth. At the age of 28, I went through a traumatic pregnancy with my first daughter. She was born against all odds at 29 weeks premature, weighing 768 grams, and for three months my daughter was in the Ichilov hospital. She was in an incubator and I wasn't allowed to

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Rehabilitation day center - everything you wanted to know

Parents of a toddler, who is being monitored for the child's development due to prematurity (or any other reason), and at the clinic they recommended that you place him in a rehabilitation day care center? Confused and don't know where to start? In this article I will explain what a rehabilitation day care center is, what the considerations are if yes or no, and what you should do if you decide yes. .

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LAH's embrace - 360 degrees of love, support, accompaniment and guidance

These days we are raising resources for the benefit of the project - let's be partners in a tremendous impact for the benefit of premature babies and their families** The association's vision is to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of care for premature babies, so that it will reduce the long-term consequences of premature babies on the lives of premature babies in the future. The association's goals are to work for premature babies in Israel at every level

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The formula that saved premature babies The Marker

In just a few years and with a relatively low budget, an initiative by the Ministry of Health succeeded in dramatically improving the condition of premature babies in Israel ■ The method was simple: ranking, competitiveness, transparency, flexibility and cooperation between different players ■ All that needs to be done now is to pass it on to Lia Shachori

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Prematurity and developmental psychology

What is developmental psychology? Developmental psychology is the study of the changes that occur in humans throughout life, and deals with the parent-child relationship. This field deals with and examines changes in a wide variety of topics including: physical development, which includes motor abilities and other psycho-physiological processes, cognitive development, social development, emotional development, problem solving ability,

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Communication clinics for premature babies

What are the roles of the speech therapist in the diagnosis and treatment of babies born prematurely? The speech therapist monitors development in the areas of hearing, communication, play, language (understanding language and expression) and speech. He assesses the newborn's communicative and pre-verbal abilities. In case of developmental delay in these areas, a therapeutic response is given to the baby accompanied by parental guidance.

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Occupational Therapy

What is the profession of occupational therapy? The profession of occupational therapy is a broad therapeutic field and touches on many areas. The ultimate goal of the occupational therapy profession is to enable and encourage participation in meaningful activities in daily life. In preschool age and babies in particular, the treatment refers to activities such as: eating, sleeping, exploring play, play and learning, contact and communication with

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