Parental rights of premature infants

On this page you will find details about the rights of parents of premature infants in the following areas: Eligibility for vaccination against the RSV virus. Entitlement to the extension of maternity leave and the possibility of splitting it. Eligibility to use the parent's sick days due to a child's illness. Ministry of Health circular on the follow-up and treatment of premature infants upon their release from hospitalization. Entitlement to unemployment benefit Entitlement to pension

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"Prematurity allowance from National Insurance"

The main rules for determining eligibility for an allowance from the National Insurance for premature infants based on the Child Circular updated on 12/21/20 and the National Insurance website from an examination carried out by the National Insurance shows that the treatment of premature infants in the first period after birth involves a great burden on the parents, since many of the premature infants suffer from problems that require Supervision and/or treatment routine

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Questions and answers - after the release

The answer to the question of when labor ends is not simple at all. There is a cold external observation that claims that after a year or two miscarriages are no longer taken into account. There is a more individualized observation that gives the child more freedom and less attachment to schemes, and of course - there are families, whether children or parents, who have abortion consequences

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Questions and answers - in Pagia

During the preterm period, a lot of questions arise, many concerns arise and countless doubts... a number of questions and answers are presented herewith in order to help and give an initial answer on the subject. We would be happy to hear suggestions for additional topics that you thought were missing on the site. Who is allowed to visit a premature baby? (Hide) In principle - due to the fear of infections - only father and mother. In practice - many premature babies

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