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T-shirts - awareness month 2020

Awareness month 2020 "Once expired always a hero" T-shirt sales via Google Docs and centralized ordering. The shirts were sent to distribution points or by mail. "What is Lahav's shirt at our house? It's the pajamas, it's the best shirt and that's why it takes me 20 minutes more every morning to get organized because

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Premature babies in the shadow of the corona: how will we protect our premature babies in the days of the epidemic?

On the occasion of International Prematurity Awareness Month, the "Forum for Premature Babies" publishes the report on the situation of premature babies, which this year focuses on the consequences of the corona crisis on the quality of care for premature babies in Israel and the challenges it poses to preemies in hospitals and to the parents of premature babies. Knesset member Michal Shir, Likud: I'm happy to actually lead

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Newborns and premature babies in Israel the shadow of the corona virus

Agenda for the discussion in the Knesset committees to mark Prematurity Day in Israel which will take place on the 8th of Keslo TSHPA, 24.11.2020, chaired by MK Michal Shir We decided to dedicate the prematurity day for the year TSHPA in Israel to a discussion of challenges and solutions related to dealing with the effects of the Corona On the care of newborns and premature babies in Israel. Below are the topics: Update

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For the first time in Israel: a national breast milk bank that will provide portions of breast milk to premature babies and newborns at health risk Doctors health news

Why is breast milk so important especially for premature babies? What is the difference between breast milk and TML? What is the importance of the breast milk bank? And what differentiates (for the better) the Israeli breast milk bank compared to breast milk banks that exist in other developed countries? Last Monday (27.8), with the signing of

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An interview with Romi Schouri, CEO of the Lahav Association for Premature Infants in Israel following a post she wrote about the possibility of closing the Mother's Milk Bank | Here 2nd program "Emily and the Professor"

An interview with Rumi Shouri, CEO of the Lahav Association for Premature Babies in Israel following a post she wrote about the possibility of closing the breast milk bank, and that the lives of premature babies depend on their mothers. Breast milk saves the lives of premature babies. Emily Amrossi explains that a breast milk bank was established that is critical to the lives of premature babies and their possibility survive

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